Seeing the Light | Week 7

I’m probably stating the obvious here, but having a newborn is hard.

Every day feels like Groundhog Day. I nurse her, change diapers, comfort her when she cries (which is a LOT with this little one), and hope that I’ll have time to take a shower. Not to mention trying to squeeze in just a few minutes of one-on-one time with Reece and keeping up with my own health and wellness.

Having been through these dark weeks months before is a life-saver.

All I have to do is take one look at Reece, and I am instantly reminded what the prize looks like.

One morning this week, Reece came barreling into our bedroom, beaming with excitement and shouting, “Mama, Mama! Hi Mama!” I looked down at the tiny terror that had kept me up half the night and couldn’t help but smile. Someday soon – sooner than I’d like probably – we will have two of them. And it will be awesome!

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