No More Novelty | Week 8

This week could be memorialized by all sorts of things.

Ainsley’s sleep suddenly became more organized, thereby making life a little more predictable.

I started exercising. Well, I started walking 30-45 minutes in the neighborhood. For this OCD runner, it doesn’t really feel like “exercise,” but I know it’s exactly what I need right now.

I finally took Ainsley to see my holistic family chiropractor, and, within 12 hours, she was a new baby. I am equally thrilled and shamed by this development. I saw him religiously every other week of my pregnancy; I value the importance of chiropractic care; I really should have known better than to wait until she was almost two months old for her first adjustment.

I got pooped all over at my breastfeeding mommy group meeting, which, in turn, ruined a chair at my chiropractor’s office. I am pleased to report that both my pants and the adorable outfit Ainsley was wearing survived this embarrassing incident.

Despite all these terribly exciting events, something else stands out at “the” memory for Week 8 :: The novelty of having a baby sister in the house finally wore off.

Miraculously, Reece made it a 7 whole weeks without showing many signs of jealousy. This week, he’s been barking orders like: “Put Ainley down here” (while motioning to the swing, which she hates). “Daddy hold Ainley, I hold Mama.” And, my personal favorite, “I need Mama milk.” Not want. Need.

He’s basically impossible to say “No” to.

Before Ainsley was born, I always said that I would let Reece nurse if he asked, but I wasn’t going to encourage it. I was leery of tandem nursing, and I figured that saying “No” would just make any jealousy issues even worse.

So, here we are. There simply isn’t enough mama to go around.

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