Holistic Healing | Week 9

We’re a little over two weeks into the dairy-free experiment, and I’m still dubious.

I had my final midwife visit last week, and she got to witness Ainsley’s “spirit” first-hand. Within seconds, she asked whether I had taken her for an adjustment. I was embarrassed to admit that I have not. I saw my chiropractor religiously every other week throughout my pregnancy. I know how much it helps. I know he specializes in prenatal and infant adjustments. I even talked with him about when I should bring Ainsley for her first visit. But, I still haven’t done it.

My midwife felt so strongly that she insisted I get in my car, drive to straight to his office, and wait until he could see us. I didn’t act quite that quickly, but I did get an appointment on the books for this week.

At this point, I’ve tried shutting myself in the house so that we can stick to a strict, familiar schedule; baby-wearing around the house, especially during witching hour; cutting out dairy; investing in essential oils; and studying infant massage videos. While it’s hard to say that any specific thing has made a difference with Ainsley, I feel better, so I guess that’s something.

Ainsley was not the poster child for infant chiropractic adjustments. She screamed the entire time. She had so much stuff going on that he was actually sweating by the end of our visit.

As if I didn’t feel badly enough about the delay in seeing him, I learned that her Atlas bone was out of alignment, which is why she always turns her head to the right. And, when I say always, I mean always. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her willingly turn her head to the left. Because she’s been doing this for her entire little life, her muscles have developed around the head turn, which will take time to work out. Add to this a series of cranial plate misalignments, and you get one seriously cranky baby.

When we got home, Ainsley took a ginormous, deep-sleep nap, and woke up like a new little woman. Even Brad has been saying she’s a different baby. Almost likeable. 😉

Two days later she “lost” the adjustment and returned to her old, fuss-pot self. So, we’ll be back first thing next week.

As bad as I feel about not doing this until she’s almost two months old, I am thrilled that we seem to have identified a trigger and have a treatment plan.

With any luck, her “different baby” state will be her “normal baby” state after a few weeks of treatments. Wish us luck!!

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